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Style: Performance short board

Features: Tri fin setup, performance rocker

Wave preference: Waves with some push and some shape to them preferably

Sizes: 5’8 to 6’2 in stock, customs available in whatever size!

A die hard shortboard for the die hard shortboard fan!

Our Driver is your shortboard of choice if you are into top to bottom performance in the best of waves. Performance rocker throughout the length of the board allows tighter turns and to make steeper drops than usual. A pulled in rounded square is usually the go to get the release you want in a board of this caliber but rounded pins work well too for hollower waves for a bit more hold in the pocket.

If this sounds a bit too full on for you i’d look at our monkey wrench as its a bit more user friendly while still being a very high performance board but if this all sounds like what you are looking for you wont be disappointed!


Vortex Surf Skate Snow