Vortex Asym

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Style: Performance/performance groveler in shorter wider variants.

Features: Asymmetric outline, fin setup and tail. Quad setup on heels and twin fin setup on toes.

Wave preference: Something with a bit of push to it. The board works well in some mushier stuff if it isnt too small but it is a performance board at heart so loves hollower and wallier stuff.

Sizes: Customs only at this stage! Our asym is stance dependent so you wont have much luck if you are goofy and try to surf a board set up for natural footers hence why we are only doing custom orders at this stage. Besides that we will make you one in any size you can imagine!

We are absolutely stoked with the results of our Vortex Asym after the months of testing we’ve put it through! Based on our best selling Monkey Wrench model the board was adjusted to enhance your surfing by playing to the asymmetry in your body and feet especially.

A longer, more drawn out rail on the toe side accompanied by a big upright twin fin allows more hold and drive through forehand bottom turns. The quad fin set up on your heel gives you the extra stability and drive that is often missing in twin fins on your backhand while the shorter rail line allows you to turn the board tighter, shooting you up into the pocket on your backhand and projecting you out of turns on your forehand.

In The Flesh

I’ve surfed both a 6’0 and my 5’11 Vortex Asym a bunch over the last year or so.

We started off with the 6’0 which worked exceptionally in good waves, it brought a whole new level of speed compared to a regular shortboard but with just as much if not more maneuverability. Where i felt it lacked compared to regular shortboards was in mushier smaller waves, so for my 5’11 we widened the overall board, especially through the tail. This changed the way the board went in sub par waves dramatically. I now felt like even in 2ft slop i could go way faster than i ever could on a thruster and also do some of the most critical, tight turns i’ve ever done. This is where this design seems to come into its own. It is the most high performance board i’ve ever surfed but somehow feels super forgiving, two traits which normally don’t come together in surfboards. I feel like if i don’t have much of a section i can casually bring the board around back into the pocket without losing any speed but then once i do get some face to lay into i can do the tightest and best feeling turns ive ever done. The design just seems to work and even though i wanted my 5’11 to work better in average waves which it does, it seems to work even better in good, head high waves with push to them. I’ll say it again the speed you can get on these boards with no effort is insane.”


– Cam

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