Vortex Mallet

Interested in a custom, come in and demo one.  Or let’s chat about it, shoot us an email.


Style: Midlength

Features: Wide round and full nose, straight outline that hips into a rounded pin. Generally comes as a single fin + side bites.

Wave preference: Anything from the smallest of slop to some solid head high stuff!

Sizes: 7’0 to 8’0, customs available as big or little as you want.

Super versatile mid length cruiser that planes over mush like its nothing but can also handle some solid waves if you are game!

Tired of the whole shortboard thing or just looking for something different? Our mallet could be just what you are looking for!

Imagine the perfect combo of being able to paddle like a mal but still turn and this is what you’ve got. Super round and full nose to help get you into the smallest of waves or get you in earlier than anyone else on decent days. Straight rails through the mid section equal lots of speed down the line but the beauty of the Mallet is the hipped in tail into a rounded pin which allows you to get back and turn the thing so much better than you’d expect from a board of this length and shape. The rounded pin also gives you some good hold in more solid hollower waves. Fin setup is up to you, chuck in the single fin and cruise your life away or add a couple of side bites and get the thing more on rail!

The Mallet is seriously one of the most versatile models we do. If anything you need one in your quiver for the smaller days but this board can do it all if you are willing to let it!

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