Vortex Monkey Wrench

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Style: Performance/performance groveler in shorter wider varients and boards with a bit extra foam.

Features: Tri fin setup, extra foam in the nose to aid in paddling and a decent sized hip to turn off. Available in rounded square, rounded pin, swallow or anything else you want!

Wave preference: The board can handle virtually waist high slop to stuff overhead. Pretty much depends on what YOU want to surf it in.

Sizes: 5’7 to 6’2 in stock, customs available in whatever size you want!

Our latest shortboard incarnation and best selling performance board yet!

The board first came about as a custom for team rider Will Clarkson for his local hollow beachies that he can’t stay away from. It has since grown into our best performance board to date. She’s got a curvy outline with a nice hip around the toes which basically acts as a point to turn off. Most that we’ve done have been rounded squares but we have done a number of rounded pins for guys who want extra hold through turns and who are surfing hollower stuff. Swallow tail varieties have been great on shorter, fatter groveler style Monkey Wrenches.

Come in and demo one today!

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