Vortex Retro Fish

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Style: Retro Twin Fin

Features: Straight Rails, Deep Swallow, Twin fin

Wave preference: Can handle the mush but get her into some long walls like what these boards were made for.

Sizes: 5’6 to 5’10 or anything you like as a custom.

Retro twin fin outline with some modern flair!

Our Retro Fish takes inspiration from the early days of fish design but blends it with some more forgiving modern elements to create a super fun all rounder with speed for days. Classic straight fish rails with a more pulled in tail than the first Fish boards to allow for more forgiving turns and tighter arcs. Mellow rocker throughout and a wide planning surface give you speed even on the smallest days. Modern rails and bottom contours again add forgiveness to the shape and a more familiar feel. Pair her up with some modern keel fins to make the most of the blend of old and new with this design or chuck some bigger classic keels in for a more authentic fish feel!

Now don’t believe what you’ve been told in the past, keel twin fins aren’t just “small wave boards”. They do go great in smaller waves as they give you so much speed but take one out on a solid head high day with some nice long walls and you will understand what these boards can do. Check Burch surfing in the video below for a great example.

Our Retro Fish is a board everyone should have in their quiver, they provide endless fun no matter the conditions and because of this they are one of our best selling boards!

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