Vortex Axe

Interested in a custom, come in and demo one.  Or let’s chat about it, shoot us an email.


Style: Wider performance board.

Features: Tri fin setup, rounded square tail and a little bit wider than your average short board.

Wave preference: Anything from 2ft upwards

Sizes: 5’8 to 6’6 or anything as a custom.

Our Axe is a great everyday, one board for every situation board.

The wider brother of the Grinder, the axe makes for a super fun do everything board. Making use of a bit more width the Axe gives you more planning ability over fat sections and in weaker waves but with a lower rail you are still able to get your turns going with ease and are still able to lock in in hollower waves. You can surf the Axe a couple of inches shorter than your standard if you want to get a similar volume but id recommend keeping that extra bit of foam in there as it only makes the board paddle better as the rails are knifey enough to make the board not feel boatey in the slightest even with more foam than you may normally be riding.

All up the Axe is a sick everyday board and id recommended it to anyone who likes having a one board quiver!


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