Vortex Ruler

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Style: Mini Mal

Features: Nice and forgiving rail and rocker combination, tri fin set up for versatility.

Wave preference: Little ankle slappers to shoulder high stuff!

Sizes: 7’0 to 8’0, customs available as big or little as you want.

Whether it’s your 100th or your first surfboard the Ruler will allow you to have fun in the smallest of surf!

A mini mal generally ridden around 7’6 for the best combination of forgiveness and responsiveness. The Ruler can be your perfect small wave board as it planes like a dream on small fatter waves but can also be a perfect first board or first fiberglass board for someone coming off a foamy. While its got forgiving rails the board hips in enough in the tail that you can definitely still get it on rail enough that you will be able to enjoy yourself on even the smallest of days! The hipped in tail is also perfect for the guys and gals who are progressing from going straight to the beach to catching open face waves and learning how to do turns.

The Ruler is the perfect family board as the kids or adults can learn on it and the more experienced surfers in the family can still have a bunch of fun on it!

Vortex Surf Skate Snow

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