Vortex Jackhammer

Interested in a custom, come in and demo one.  Or let’s chat about it, shoot us an email.


Style: Step Up

Features: Bit more rocker for hollow waves, 5 fin set up for versatility.

Wave preference: Bigger, hollower waves with good push.

Sizes: 6’4 to 7’0 , customs available however you want.

The Jackhammer is a new step up we’ve been experimenting with!

Based on a combination of the Vice and the Hacksaw on steroids this thing is your good wave/indo trip board. More accelerated rocker throughout allows the board to hold into hollower waves and take steeper drops. The Jackhammer comes with a mid rail to aid in stability while still having enough bite to hold in the good stuff, also with aid by the pulled in rounded pin. 5 Fin setup is the standard to give you the option of thruster or quad fin setups. We also generally glass the Jackhammers in 6 ounce cloth to aid in the strength and longevity of the boards in bigger waves.

If you are planning a trip to some good waves or just need a good bigger wave board this ones for you! We generally recommend getting one at least 3 inches bigger than your standard shortboard.


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