Vortex Hacksaw

Interested in a custom, come in and demo one.  Or let’s chat about it, shoot us an email.


Style: Performance hybrid

Features: Wide round outline, full nose, rounded pin. Generally comes as a 5 fin for versitility.

Wave preference: The thing eats up mush but can still hold its own in better waves with aid of the rounded pin.

Sizes: 5’5 to 6’7, customs available as big or little as you want.

The perfect all rounder! Loves summer slop but can still hold it’s weight on the best of days.

If you are tired of boards that lack paddle power and that only seem to work when the waves are firing then this is the one for you. Wider and thicker than your average shortboard the thing will allow you to get into waves earlier than the rest of the pack and will trim over fat sections like its nothing while still performing when the waves are on. Surfed shorter it can be a great board for smaller summer days for the advanced surfer. Surfed above 6’0 it can also be the perfect board to come down to for crew progressing off of a foamie or bigger board in general.

All in all a super user friendly board that is a must have when the conditions aren’t as ideal as we would all like them to be.

Vortex Surf Skate Snow