Vortex Grinder

Interested in a custom, come in and demo one.  Or let’s chat about it, shoot us an email.


Style: Narrower performance board.

Features: Tri fin setup, rounded square tail and a narrower overall outline than shortboards of late.

Wave preference: Anything from 2ft upwards

Sizes: Grom 5’4s up to 6’6!

The Grinder is a more traditionally outlined performance thruster with enough foam in the nose to paddle well while still being pointy.

With a nice curvy outline and rounded square this board is your go to for beachies and hollow points. Designed for the guy who still wants a narrower board but prefers to be able to paddle it with ease.

The Grinder has been our best selling grom board as the narrower width allows the youngsters to get their arms either side the board and paddle it much easier than a standard shortboard.

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