Vortex team rider Taj Sleeman takes out State Titles

Congratulations to Taj Sleeman on taking out the State titles at the Island this weekend! All the Vortex team surfed extremely well with Jai Henry just missing out on the final and Will Clarkson with an earlier exit only getting pinned by the smallest of amounts! Well done guys!

“The AXE 2”

AXE2 Insty
The third of the NEW Vortex Surfboard models is a slightly tweeked up favourite, The AXE 2. This popular model has been narrowed 1/4″ in all sizes under 6’2″, while retaining it’s volume in larger sizes up to 6’10”. Now in traditional PU / Poly construction with carbon pads and Futures thruster set-up. A best seller just got better!


Three NEW models of Vortex Surfboards will be in store next week. The second is “The GRINDER”. Ranging from grom sized 5’2″ through to tube riders 6’4″, this is a performance short board that can also be up sized for intermediates just starting to shred. PU/ Poly construction with carbon pads and Futures thruster set-up. Come in and test a demo. www.vortexsurfskatesnow.com.au


Three NEW models of Vortex Surfboards will arrive in store next week. One of these is “The HACKSAW”. Ranging from 5’5″ to 6’5″ this board is a great allrounder for small to overhead waves. Constructed from EPS core and Epoxy resin it has 5 Future fin box’s for versatility. A quality allround board for a great price.  www.vortexsurfskatesnow.com.au

Vortex Surfboards Have Arrived!

The new boards have arrived and we are stoked with the shapes, quality and price! EPS core, Epoxy resin with Biaxial cloth, FCS and Futures fin systems and a shape and size to suit everyone. Come in and check em out.

Vortex Surfboards!

Vortex Surfboards, 4 models, stacks of sizes, EPS core, Epoxy resin, Strong Biaxial cloth, light weight, aku shapes, HAND finished, HAND glassed, great price, PERFECT! #notlongnow #vortexsurfboards #performanceforeveryone