Vortex Board Models

Our Vortex Custom Surfboards models! Scroll through and have a read to find out which board is right for you. Demos for most models available in store.

Vortex Asym 


Style: Performance/performance groveler in shorter wider variants.

Features: Asymmetric outline, fin setup and tail. Quad setup on heels and twin fin setup on toes.

Wave preference: Something with a bit of push to it. The board works well in some mushier stuff if it isnt too small but it is a performance board at heart so loves hollower and wallier stuff.

Sizes: Customs only at this stage! Our asym is stance dependent so you wont have much luck if you are goofy and try to surf a board set up for natural footers hence why we are only doing custom orders at this stage. Besides that we will make you one in any size you can imagine!


We are absolutely stoked with the results of our Vortex Asym after the months of testing we’ve put it through! Based on our best selling Monkey Wrench model the board was adjusted to enhance your surfing by playing to the asymmetry in your body and feet especially.

A longer, more drawn out rail on the toe side accompanied by a big upright twin fin allows more hold and drive through forehand bottom turns. The quad fin set up on your heel gives you the extra stability and drive that is often missing in twin fins on your backhand while the shorter rail line allows you to turn the board tighter, shooting you up into the pocket on your backhand and projecting you out of turns on your forehand.

In the flesh:

I’ve tested a 6’0 Asym in a variety of waves from waist high beach breaks to head high points over a number of months.

First impressions were that it has tons of speed down the line, once you get used to having your back foot right above the fins (as opposed to right back above the centre fin on a thruster) you will be totally convinced. It surfs like the best mix between a twin fin and a thruster. All the drive you need from bottom turns with massive overall speed. Turns on a dime and loves forehand wraps in the pocket.

Overall my favourite piece of foam i’ve surfed yet.


Vortex Monkey Wrench

Style: Performance/performance groveler in shorter wider varients and boards with a bit extra foam.

Features: Tri fin setup, extra foam in the nose to aid in paddling and a decent sized hip to turn off. Available in rounded square, rounded pin, swallow or anything else you want!

Wave preference: The board can handle virtually waist high slop to stuff overhead. Pretty much depends on what YOU want to surf it in.

Sizes: 5’7 to 6’2 in stock, customs available in whatever size you want!

Our latest shortboard incarnation and best selling performance board yet!

The board first came about as a custom for team rider Will Clarkson for his local hollow beachies that he can’t stay away from. It has since grown into our best performance board to date. She’s got a curvy outline with a nice hip around the toes which basically acts as a point to turn off. Most that we’ve done have been rounded squares but we have done a number of rounded pins for guys who want extra hold through turns and who are surfing hollower stuff. Swallow tail varieties have been great on shorter, fatter groveler style Monkey Wrenches.

Come in and demo one today!


Vortex Grinder


Style: Narrower performance board.

Features: Tri fin setup, rounded square tail and a narrower overall outline than shortboards of late.

Wave preference: Anything from 2ft upwards

Sizes: Grom 5’4s up to 6’6!

The Grinder is a more traditionally outlined performance thruster with enough foam in the nose to paddle well while still being pointy.

With a nice curvy outline and rounded square this board is your go to for beachies and hollow points. Designed for the guy who still wants a narrower board but prefers to be able to paddle it with ease.

The Grinder has been our best selling grom board as the narrower width allows the youngsters to get their arms either side the board and paddle it much easier than a standard shortboard.


Vortex Hacksaw

Style: Performance hybrid

Features: Wide round outline, full nose, rounded pin. Generally comes as a 5 fin for versitility.

Wave preference: The thing eats up mush but can still hold its own in better waves with aid of the rounded pin.

Sizes: 5’5 to 6’7, customs available as big or little as you want.

The perfect all rounder! Loves summer slop but can still hold it’s weight on the best of days.

If you are tired of boards that lack paddle power and that only seem to work when the waves are firing then this is the one for you. Wider and thicker than your average shortboard the thing will allow you to get into waves earlier than the rest of the pack and will trim over fat sections like its nothing while still performing when the waves are on. Surfed shorter it can be a great board for smaller summer days for the advanced surfer. Surfed above 6’0 it can also be the perfect board to come down to for crew progressing off of a foamie or bigger board in general.

All in all a super user friendly board that is a must have when the conditions aren’t as ideal as we would all like them to be.


Vortex Retro Rasp

Style: Performance fish

Features: Modern fish outline, deep swallow tail and twin fin set up.

Wave preference: Prefers cleaner stuff but will can still handle onshore chop as long as there is some wall.

Sizes: 5’6 to 6’2 or anything as a custom

A twin fin to replace your thruster! Or at least make smaller days a bit more fun!

Our Retro Rasp is a modern take on the twin fin fish. It’s a performance board at heart with its curvier outline and modern rails but being a twin fin it provides you with insane speed that thrusters just aren’t able to give you. It carries just enough foam through the nose to give you that fishy paddle power but is certainly no slouch when the waves get good. With an upright MR style twin fin you will be able to do anything you can do on your thruster but now with more speed and retro style! And due to its modern design there isn’t the skatey/looseness that is so commonly associated with twin fins.

My 5’6 Rasp has been my daily driver for nearly a year now and i don’t want to get off the thing no matter the conditions. It’s completely replaced my thruster and i don’t think ill be going back any time soon…

So if you are looking for something different to shake up your surfing or just want a performance board that’s a bit less serious and a bit more fun then give a Retro Rasp a go!


Day Tripper

Style: Mid Length

Features: Wide point forward helps it paddle like a king, refined rounded pin tail for hold when the waves are bigger and steeper. Set up as single, twin or thruster.

Wave preference: Like the name suggests, throw it in the car and be confident you have fin in whatever the ocean has to offer that day.

Sizes: 6’6″ to 7’6″ or anything as a custom